Unexpected Enchantments

I was lucky enough to recieve an Unexpected Enchantments book bag from Enchanted Book Box ( @enchantedbookbox on instagram).

Unexpected Enchantments is a different take on book subscription boxes. With this you receive an mystery book from an indie author. Along with that you get a hand written note (or the book is signed) by the author and whatever goodies the ladies over at Enchanted Book Box decide for that month.

Just opening the package you’re filled with joy at the sight of it.

It’s absolutely adorable!!

I was pleasantly surprised by it, but then remembered their box subscription box and how cute that is.

I shouldn’t have been surprised.

After tearing away the paper it reveals Bad Seed by Michael Lackey  (an up and coming scifi author), two Bad Seed bookmarks, a hand written note from the author, and a monthly/yearly planner.

All in all it’s a delightful bookish package, and I can’t wait to see this company grow even more!

The book sounds similar to Game of Thrones or the Hobbit so I’m excited to start it, and I’ll be sure to post my review of that soon!

Book Synopsis:

On the day Zachery Morely’s mother asks him to fetch herbs from the garden, he never expected to find himself face to face with a demon. A demon who has planted the seed of a sinister tree that feeds off the living. Zachery and his father George request the help of the King to figure out what this tree means. Only when the tree consumes its first human being and takes it true, human like form, and hear its warnings do they realize their world is in serious danger. Zachery sets off on an epic journey with the King and the kings guard through lands of men, dwarves, and elves. He confronts elven wizards and dragons, and acknowledges he is more powerful than he thinks, in order to help find the champion of light and save his world from evil.

About the Author:

Michael Lackey (1973-) was born and raised in the heart of Dixie, Alabama. Always a dreamer and believer in things that most found silly, Michael loved to pretend as a child. He imagined himself in a land of monsters, where he was the only one who could save the world from utter destruction. He mapped out stunt courses for Hollywood. Raised his sword high and proclaimed himself the champion and slayer of the mystical beasts that plagued his land. Like most over imaginative children, life set in for Michael. Work. Adulthood. Family. He never really grew out of his imagination. Now in his forties, his stories and love for fantasy spring forth onto pages.

(from Amazon)


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