Unexpected Enchantments

I was lucky enough to recieve an Unexpected Enchantments book bag from Enchanted Book Box ( @enchantedbookbox on instagram).

Unexpected Enchantments is a different take on book subscription boxes. With this you receive an mystery book from an indie author. Along with that you get a hand written note (or the book is signed) by the author and whatever goodies the ladies over at Enchanted Book Box decide for that month.

Just opening the package you’re filled with joy at the sight of it.

It’s absolutely adorable!!

I was pleasantly surprised by it, but then remembered their box subscription box and how cute that is.

I shouldn’t have been surprised.

After tearing away the paper it reveals Bad Seed by Michael Lackey  (an up and coming scifi author), two Bad Seed bookmarks, a hand written note from the author, and a monthly/yearly planner.

All in all it’s a delightful bookish package, and I can’t wait to see this company grow even more!

The book sounds similar to Game of Thrones or the Hobbit so I’m excited to start it, and I’ll be sure to post my review of that soon!

Book Synopsis:

On the day Zachery Morely’s mother asks him to fetch herbs from the garden, he never expected to find himself face to face with a demon. A demon who has planted the seed of a sinister tree that feeds off the living. Zachery and his father George request the help of the King to figure out what this tree means. Only when the tree consumes its first human being and takes it true, human like form, and hear its warnings do they realize their world is in serious danger. Zachery sets off on an epic journey with the King and the kings guard through lands of men, dwarves, and elves. He confronts elven wizards and dragons, and acknowledges he is more powerful than he thinks, in order to help find the champion of light and save his world from evil.

About the Author:

Michael Lackey (1973-) was born and raised in the heart of Dixie, Alabama. Always a dreamer and believer in things that most found silly, Michael loved to pretend as a child. He imagined himself in a land of monsters, where he was the only one who could save the world from utter destruction. He mapped out stunt courses for Hollywood. Raised his sword high and proclaimed himself the champion and slayer of the mystical beasts that plagued his land. Like most over imaginative children, life set in for Michael. Work. Adulthood. Family. He never really grew out of his imagination. Now in his forties, his stories and love for fantasy spring forth onto pages.

(from Amazon)


I’m Back!!

Oh my goodness you guys it’s been forever!!

I can’t BELIEVE that my “little break” became months. Please forgive me for the hiatus. I’m so thankful that y’all continued to follow me through all this. Thank you thank you💕

I’m hoping to start posting regularly in the coming weeks so look out!

Also, I’m not just going to be reviewing books. I want to add photography, music, and maybe even movies! 

Of course books will be the main content though!

Thank you guys again!!

Q&A with Emily Wibberley: Forsworn Blog Tour

Hi guys!! So, I’m really excited to be part of Emily Wibberley’s blog tour, and to have done a Q&A with her! Read it below, learn a bit about her, and enter the Last Oracle giveaway!

1. Did you always want to be a author


I would have to say I never really let myself think about becoming an author when I was growing up. There have been quite a few writers in my family, and I wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance to fill those shoes—that is, until I realized how much I love it.

2. Who/What inspired Clio


The inspiration for Clio really came from two places. Her powers as an oracle came from Greek mythology. More specifically, I looked at the prophet Cassandra, who was cursed to see futures she could never prevent. But Cassandra is ultimately very powerless, and I knew my heroine couldn’t be like that. For her spirit and kick-butt attitude, Clio is greatly influenced by Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

3. What is your favorite line/quote from the series?


I’m so bad at this haha. But if I must choose, I like this bit from Forsworn. I can’t say who says this for spoilery reasons…


Hating you— it’s like trying not to breathe. Against every fiber of my being. And it hurt, it burned. I was suffocating, Clio. I was suffocating for a year. And when I saw you, you were the air to my starving lungs.


4. What is a book that you love, that you wish more people would read?


So many! I love The Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole, Red Rising by Pierce Brown and The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey. Go check them out if you haven’t! They might make you cry but it’s the best kind of crying.

5. When the not writing, what are some things that you enjoy to do?


Reading, of course. Other than that, I like to run, hang out with my two German Shepherds, watch movies and eat lots and lots of Mexican food.

6. Who is one author, living or dead, that you’d love to meet?


It would have to be Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice is one of those rare novels that is really perfect is so many ways. She was so ahead of her time in so many ways. Also, she was beyond sassy for her day.

7. Clio is a strong female character. Who are some of your favorite female characters in books?


Since I did just mention Pride and Prejudice, I would be remiss if I didn’t herald Lizzie Bennet. And while we are at it, let’s give Emma Woodhouse from Emma some praise as well. Jane Austen knows how to write a sharp wit! Along the same vein, I love Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. If we go really far back, I admire Sophocle’s portrayal of Antigone in his Theban plays, especially considering just how ancient this text is, and yet it still gives us an autonomous and intelligent woman. I can’t possibly ignore Hermione Granger—I’m pretty sure she was a role model for my entire generation. I’ll also throw in Clarice Starling from The Silence of Lambs because I secretly want to be her (hence the psychology degree).

8. What can we look forward to seeing next, in Clio’s journey?


I’ll be starting work on book three in the series very shortly! As of right now, I’m planning for it to be the final book in the series, but I never know where the story might take me!

About Emily


Emily grew up in the South Bay where she spent her formative years battling zombies on her Xbox, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and voraciously reading everything from The Hunger Games to Jane Austen, where her love for feisty young heroines was born.

After graduating from Princeton University Magna Cum Laude in 2014, she began writing. Her debut novel, Sacrificed, was named a finalist in the Young Adult category of the 2015 International Book Awards, the Young Adult category of the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards, and in the Young Author category of the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Since its release, Sacrificed has spent more than four months as a Kindle Top Ten Teen and Young Adult Bestseller.
When she isn’t reading the latest YA book, Emily enjoys watching kick-butt action movies with her two rescue German Shepherds, Hudson and Bishop, named after characters from James Cameron’s Aliens.
Sign up for her mailing list to hear about exclusive giveaways and news about the upcoming release of The Last Oracle III as well as other young adult books she’s writing.

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When To Buy & When To Wait


You know that feeling.
That euphoric feeling you get when you get in a ten mile radius of books. For me, once I get in the store I can barely contain my excitement. I run to those gorgeous babies, and grab and buy, and grab and buy, and grab and buy… My wallet becomes dry fast that way. It seems as if it’s a love/hate relationship when you buy books. You wish that you had saved the money. You wish that you had stayed on your ban. You wish that you would’ve waited.

But… but… but… they’re BOOKS!!!

That’s what we always say, but my wallet has a few things to say for itself.
So, how do you control yourself at the bookstore, and not go crazy, buying everything you see?
That’s what I do. And I realize that this may not work for everyone, but it may help.
I set aside how much I want to spend, which books I’d like to purchase in the near future, books to pre-order, and the books that I’ll purchase later on.
Usually the only time I’ll ignore “the list” is when there’s an incredible deal, that I just can’t pass up.

Here’s an example of my list!

     •Books to buy in the near future•

• The Lux series – Jennifer L. Armentrout
  1. Obsidian
  2. Onyx
  3. Opal
  4. Origin
  5. Opposition

• Black Iris & Unteachable (to be bought together) – Lea Raeder

• Volition & Ignite (also to be bought together) – Lily Paradis

• The Selection series – Kiera Cass

• Jellicoe Road – Melina Marchetta

• The Mara Dyer trilogy – Michelle Hodkin

• Newflesh trilogy – Mira Grant

• Confess – Colleen Hoover

              • Books to pre-order •

• Chimera – Mira Grant (Nov. 24, 2015)

• The Last Star (Fifth Wave) – Rick Yancey

             • Books to buy later on •

Daughter of Smoke and Bone series – Laini Taylor

• The Fifth Wave & Infinite Sea (buy together) – Rick Yancey

• The Hobbit and LotR (buy together) – J. R. R. Tolkien

• The Wrath and the Dawn – Renee Ahdieh

So that’s just a small sampling of my list. It really has been helpful. Especially this past month (I’ve bought so many books), I remembered what I should buy, and stuck to the list ( yes, it can be hard to do!).
I hope this helps, and make buying books an easier process!!



Forsworn: The Last Oracle – Official Blog Tour


Hi guys!! So happy to say that I’m going to be in the awesome Emily Wibberley’s blog tour for her new book, in The Last Oracle series, – Forsworn!

I started reading the books a little over a week ago, and they are truly, and honestly great books!!

Can’t wait to finish up the books and do my Q&A with her(seriously, this is incredibly exciting!)!

So make sure to go get your copy of Sacrifice, and be on the lookout for Forsworn!!

Dillie xo

Review: Awake by Natasha Preston (ARC)

So it’s time for my first official review! Recently, I’ve been lucky enough the join the NetGalley community(they have eARCs for reviewers). It’s been amazing, and gives me great opportunities.

About two weeks ago I saw Awake by Natasha Preston up, and immediately put my request in. I saw how successful Cellar was and couldn’t wait to read this book. When I was given permission to read it, I dove right into it. I was craving a really good, creepy-vibe, keep-you-up-all-night mystery novel. Is that what I got? Well, I’ll tell ya.


Author: Natasha Preston 

Genre: Mystery & Thriller 

Page Number: 325

Publication Date: August 2015

Of course. The dress was white. It’s what I’m supposed to die in, I thought. Not many people know what their last outfit would be.

I pulled it over my head. It fit me perfectly. It had long, loose fitting sleeves. A modest neckline, and waves of material on the skirt. I hated it.

There were no shoes, and I was afraid I’d have to run through the forest barefoot, but there weren’t a lot of options. Besides, I’d run barefoot over a bed of nails to get away.

“Scarlett, are you ready?” He called.

I look in the mirror and take a deep breath. Time to fight for my life.

(From back of book)

After reading that I was more than intrigued. I knew from her previous work that her books took a turn for the Creepshow which I love.

As I began reading it didn’t seem as this would also, though. I was confused for the first few chapters. I was constantly trying to figure out the story, searching for anything mysterious. Once I stopped and just read the book – I did.

The story is about a fifteen year old, high schooler named Scarlett. It takes place in England, and you can tell right away by the language( seriously, I read this book, in my mind, with a British accent). She lives a seemingly normal life. All right parents, annoying older brother, boy-crazy best friend etc. Enter the oh-so gorgeous (sarcastic chuckle) Noah. He seems perfect. Friendly, considerate, romantic, totally into Scarlett…right?

“Trust no one” a motto to live by. Obviously not for Scarlett, though. Their budding friendship turns quickly into a trusting  relationship.  As they become a warm little couple, we learn a secret about Scarlett.

She has no memory before the age of four.

Noah, finding this to be the oddest thing he’s ever heard of, presses her to try and remember. Nothing but headaches come from her struggle to regain her memory. Her parents and brother are no help. Playing the “Oh just forget it. It doesn’t matter” card. It annoys her to the point of nightmares. She begins to lose trust in her parents, and is determined to try to remember. After that, it seems as though the same thing keeps happening over and over again. Nothing new.

By page 187 it felt like 400. It felt as if nothing was going to happen. Until…

Until on a family vacation thier car is involved in a wreck. In the hospital, as she awakens, she is bombarded with disturbing memories of her as a young girl. Met with avoiding eyes, and a resistance to answer her questions. She realizes her family isn’t telling her anything. So it’s up to her and, a now wary, Noah to figure things out. Or just Scarlett. Noah seems uninterested in helping her remember a thing. He tried to get her to just let it go, which arouses even more suspicion on her part.

By now, we have learned that Noah and his family didn’t move to England for honest reasons. They’re here for a reason.

For Scarlett.

Once again, I got a bit bored in the middle of the book. It wasn’t until her parent’s confession, that I was once again interested. Purely for spoiler reasons, I’m not getting into any specific detail. All I’ll say is, “Welcome goosebumps!!”

Finally that feeling that makes your bones cold, arrives. I didn’t expect a cult. Honestly, it never came to mind. I’ve never read a book based on a cult, that began like this. Though, this isn’t like any other book I’ve read before. I got hooked at this point.  This book was like a fishing rod, and I the fish. The hook somehow letting me go, and finding me father down the lake again. I put it down for awhile, even though I was interested. I made excuses, started other books. Then, finally, sucked it up and finished it.  And we were introduced into world of cults, I was sucked in by surprise at how these people were so brainwashed. It was like a car crash. Look. Don’t look. Look… Now I’m sick.

“Things used to be so clear and easy. Eternal Light came first, like any other religion. Being on the outside made me realize religion is flawed. People twist things to suit themselves and their needs. It makes normal people fight and kill and hate. It’s supposed to be pure, but people make it the most tainted thing on the planet. I didn’t see it until I saw the outside world… until I fell in love with you”

It must’ve been the same way with Scarlett. Wanting nothing to do with it, but having no choice. To make things worse Noah shows who he really is – her captor. Things aren’t going so good for Scarlett..

As both the reader and Scarlett become disgusted with this cult, the book begins to drag. A lot. A lot, a lot. A little and a lot happens at the same time. Scarlett’s fate doesn’t look the best… for a long time… A long time. It felt as though the author couldn’t figure out what to write next, so she just kept writing the same thing for awhile. Did anything interesting happen? Absolutely. Did it go back into the same pattern. Absolutely.

By the end of the book it didn’t feel too slow, rather that she rushed the ending. I really don’t want to say much about it for spoiling reasons, but I really hope she writes anther book. There are a few unanswered questions, that I’d love to know the answers to.

So, did I enjoy? Yes. Would I read it again? Probably not. I would only suggest it to others who read books as I do, and not as just as a random suggestion. The book has its good parts and bad. It’s definitely not a bad book. Not at all. Just not what I was hoping for.

⭐⭐ and a half stars out of five.

Awake Playlist:  

Found A Light – Charlotte Carpenter   

Night After Night – Laura Marling  

Mines – Tina Dico      

Everywhere I Go – Lissie         

If I Go – Ella Erye                                        

Long And Lost–  Florence + The Machine

Pull Me Down –  Mikky Ekko

Summer Book Tag


I was tagged by Gee over at the lovely TeaandBookReviews to do the Summer book Tag. Thanks!!!

Lemonade: pick a book that started off sour, but got better.

Definitely the Host. I went into the book with high expectations (Lord knows why), and I almost put it down after the first few chapters. I didn’t, and I kept on. I enjoyed it all until the end of the book. Let’s just say I won’t be reading anymore of Ms. Meyer’s books anytime soon.

Golden Sun: pick a book that made you smile beyond compare.

I know it’s an odd pick, but Catching Fire has a special place in my heart. It does indeed make me happy because it’s the calm before the storm (the real storm), and is the relief after Hunger Games. It had beauty and pain. It has its definite bright spots and dark. This will always be my favorite in the trilogy.

Tropical Flowers: pick a book set in a foreign country.

Not only is The Book Thief one of the greatest books of all time, but it’s also set in Germany. And of course you can’t have a book set in Germany without learning a handful of the language! Love this buchen!

Tree Shade: pick a book in which a mysteries character was introduced

In Halfling we meet the classically handsome, deceitful, evil, and hella shady Vessler. As you continue in the series we learn how much of a sick bastard he really is, but no spoilers!!

Beach Sand: pick a book that was grainy and barely got developed.

I get hated for this…
No, no I did not like The Maze Runner. In fact the whole series kinda sucked for me. It was the same thing over and over again.
Memory lost. Greenie. Run. Runner. Girl… Oooh girl. Run. Maze. Girl. Someone we don’t care about dies dramatically. Girl. Runner. Death that we really don’t care about. Oooh that girl again. Maze. Run. Death.
Remember we all have our own opinions on books, and this one I didn’t like.

Sun Hat: pick a book set in a vast universe.

Graceling was my first pick for this. Set in a beautiful fantasy universe, that is full of both unique characters and powers. I love the idea of having a Grace, and the eye thing was something different that you don’t see much. A must read for sure.

Green Grass: pick a character(s) that were full of life and made you smile.

Hunger Games. That really says it all. I mean, come on, the Capital! Effie, Cinna, Snow, Haymitch, Octavia, Ceasar. The list goes on and on. And with each book comes a new bunch of crazies for you to meet and love 😉

Watermelon: pick a book that had some juicy secrets.

Parasite was infected with them (pun fully intended). They were amazing. No laughable, childish plot twist anywhere near this book! This is a book that you’ll finish without ever putting down, dying to know what happens next.

BBQ: pick a book in which a character was portrayed as a hunk.

Give me a book that doesn’t have a said “hunk” in it…
The first one to come to mind (after Jon Snow and Jamie Fraser of course!!!!) would have to be Four/Tobias or whatever this hunk of blown up ego is going by these days. My top book “hunks” will always be Snow and Fraser, but they’re at the top. Waaaayyyy up top. So for a normal pick it’s Four/Tobias(would he make up his mind already). I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the guy, but we get the idea that he’s good to go in the muscle department.

Thanks again Gee!! Definitely had a lot of fun doing this tag!! I tag Sam at TheContinuousReader and the girls at BibliophileGathering .


 Hi! Welcome to my very first book blog! I’ve been dying to make one of these for forever, but I chickened out you could say. Every day I saw my WordPress calling out my name, yet I somehow found a way to look away. Not this time though. It feels great to finally do this and I can’t wait to start!

Well, I guess I’ll tell you a bit about myself now. My name is Dalia, but everyone calls me Dillie or just Dil ( much easier to pronounce, trust me). Im obsessed with books, and couldn’t imagine life without them. A few of my favorite series and standalones are: The Hunger Games trilogy, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Revolution, Volition, and anything by Leah Reader to name a few. I’m in love with sci-fi, fantasy, and historical-fic. I’m not the biggest fan of NA, Ya, and cont. , but if I see a book that interests me I’ll definitely pick it up.

My love of books went all the way to  Instagram where I made a bookstagram (@dilliebooks). I’ve met some awesome people and even joined a book club – TheContinousReaders.  This month we’re reading Dorothy Must Die, which I’m thoroughly enjoying.

A few of my favorite things to do when I’m not reading ( ha, me not reading?) is playing the guitar, listening to music, anything outdoors ( nature freak haha), watching movies (anything from the 60’s to 90’s and I’ll be stuck to the screen) , figure skating, and of course go to bookstores.

Can’t wait to get started, and hope you enjoy!!

Dillie xo